Session 3: Technology-mediated language input and output (Spring 2017)

In preparation for Session 3:

  • Complete the crowd-sourced data-based activity:
    • Create a new page in your Google Site and call it “Crowd-sourced data-based activity”
    • On this new page, write a short description (100-200 words) of your idea for using crowd-sourced data in a language activity sequence that you have shared and discussed with your colleagues during Session 2. In your description, specify the outcomes for the activity (i.e., what your learners will be able to do after the activity), assessment (i.e., how you will know), and tech tool(s) required for completing the activity.

During Session 3:

In preparation for Session 4 (homework):

  • Create a multimedia task using a Google Form and embed it in your Google Site.