Session 4 (Spring 2017)

In preparation for the fourth session:

  • Embed your YouTube video into the Google Site (if you haven’t done so yet).
  • Make sure you have completed the review of the Leeward CC English 100 Course (Google Site) using the Online Course Review System (click here to review the course).
  • In your own copy of the Google Doc you started during Session 1 (“[Your name] – Online Course Outline”), complete the “Course Content” section. Make sure you have already completed the previously assigned sections: “General Information,”  “Course Goals and Learning Objectives,” and “Assessment.”

During the fourth session:

In preparation for our next session (homework for Session 5):

  • Complete the “Interaction” section in your Online Course Outline document (as well as the “Course Content” section, if you have not completed it yet).
  • Complete your discussion profile and participate in the Laulima discussion “Thinking about interaction in your course“.
  • In your Laulima course, create a discussion prompt (if you haven’t done so yet) using the tool of your choice, that is, Discussion and Private Messages, Forum, or Clog.
  • During Session 5, you will participate in a Hālāwai (Adobe Connect) session. Please test your system by clicking here to check if your computer is configured for Hālāwai.