Session 6 (Spring 2017)

In preparation for the last session (Session 6):

The main purpose of the last session is for you and us to get feedback. During the first portion of the time we will focus on your projects and during the second part of the session we will focus on getting feedback about the series. We propose these two options to organize your part:

  • Option 1: Present an aspect of your online course that you would like to receive feedback on (e.g., setting up a particular type of interaction for a particular type of task).
  • Option 2: Present your overall course design (blueprint) focusing on course content, interaction, and the technologies you will use.

Please be as concise as possible. We suggest you plan on spending no longer than 10 minutes presenting so that there is time for you to receive feedback.

In addition to your presentation (i.e., Option 1 or 2 above), please complete the following tasks that are required for meeting the badge criteria:

  • Complete the “Technology Needs” section in your Online Course Outline document.
  • Perform all tasks listed in Manage Google Drive Apps, including posting a screenshot of your added app in your Google Site.

During the sixth session:

  • Participants’ Show and Tell
  • Q&A on badges
  • Participant evaluation: Please complete the anonymous survey

As you know, you will receive badges that certify the completion of the tasks listed under Badge Criteria. The deadline to complete all Badge tasks is Monday, April 24, 2017.