Book Wings China

Book Wings China Webcast Viewing

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Viewing Location: Moore Hall 258
Time: 4p-6p (Estimated run time: 2 hours)
Genre: Drama
Theme: Migration
Commissioned Plays:
United States: Journey by Naomi Iizuka, Kandahar to Canada by Dan O’Brien, And Two, If By Sea by Chay Yew (all in English)
China: Subway by Qian Jue, I Am Not Woyzeck by Wang Haoran, I Am an Eagle Hen by Xu Yaqun (all in Mandarin)

Book Wings is a literary exchange and performance project bringing together American and Chinese writers, actors, directors, and new media professionals in a virtual environment to foster a cross-cultural conversation, spark new literary and dramatic ideas, and create an enduring body of work.

Book Wings China features young American and Chinese playwrights addressing the central theme of Migration.

Six 8-10 minute commissioned plays will be staged in Iowa City and Shanghai simultaneously with 7,000 miles between the performance sites. Using high definition videoconferencing technologies, the stages will be digitally connected, allowing viewers around the globe to the performance via a live stream and comment and ask questions in real time via the embedded Twitter feed.

Come join the Honolulu viewing party for Book Wings China!