orientation to online learning fall 2013

Orientation to Online Learning — Explore the Possibilities!

The Center for Language & Technology (CLT) invites LLL instructors to take part in a unique professional development opportunity this semester: the Orientation to Online Learning. Participants will gain basic familiarity with theoretical and practical aspects of designing an online course, starting from either the adaptation of a traditional course or the creation of an entirely new one. While this professional development series is not comprehensive enough to take participants through the whole online course creation process, those who complete the series will gain enough knowledge and skills to embark on the adventure with confidence. Successful completion of the entire series or specific main components will be formally recognized with a badge (credential) by the CLT.

The series will progress through six face-to-face sessions supplemented with online content and interaction. Each of these sessions, scheduled every two weeks, will provide guided, hands-on practice to consolidate skills and knowledge toward the achievement of the badge.

All sessions run 2:30-4:00 in Moore Hall 155B. Participants need a computer to work during the sessions.

1.  Thu. 19 September 2013: Setting up a virtual learning environment; defining learning outcomes; developing rubrics for assessment.  Note: The 1st session meets in MH 153A (PC Lab).

2.  Thu. 03 October 2013: Content development (emphasis on graphics and desktop publishing).

3.  Thu. 17 October 2013: Content development (emphasis on audio and video).

4.  Wed. 30 October 2013: Interaction (emphasis on asynchronous communication and tools). Note: This session is scheduled on a Wednesday due to time conflicts with events on the following day.

5.  Thu. 14 November 2013: Interaction (emphasis on synchronous communication and tools).

6.  Thu. 05 December 2013: Show and Tell — share your work with your fellow participants.