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orientation to online learning spring 2014

Designing, developing and teaching quality courses online requires specific knowledge and skills. In order to ensure that instructors in the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature (LLL) have the necessary and updated skills and become better informed of the support available to them, the College of LLL requires that instructors who a) teach online at UH Mānoa for the first time or b) have not taught online in the last 2 years comply with one of the options listed below:

Option 1

The instructor scheduled to teach will submit the fully developed online course for review at least 6 weeks before the course is scheduled to start. A comprehensive review and feedback will be provided by CLT staff and peer faculty using the Quality Guidelines adopted by the college (click here to download the guidelines). After the review, CLT staff will assist implementing changes or improvements recommended in the feedback. Instructors interested in this option should contact the CLT for further information.

Option 2

The instructor scheduled to teach will earn a badge representing basic knowledge and skillsets for online course design and teaching prior to teaching online for the first time. This badge, developed by the LLL’s Center for Language & Technology (CLT), can be earned through participation in the Orientation to Online Learning, a professional development series offered by the CLT, along with completion of related tasks.

Instructors who complete the series will gain basic familiarity with theoretical and practical aspects of designing an online course, starting from either the adaptation of a traditional course or the creation of an entirely new one, as well as with the resources available to them at UH. The series covers three basic skill areas: 1) Content Development; 2) Interaction; and 3) Technology, and progresses through six face-to-face sessions supplemented with online content and interaction. Each of these sessions, scheduled every two weeks, provides guided, hands-on practice and consultation opportunities to develop a fully online course.

LLL instructors teaching online in the Summer 2014 for the first time (or those who have not taught online in the last 2 years) should sign up for the Spring 2014 Orientation to Online Learning. All sessions run 2:30-4:00 in Moore Hall 155B. Participants optimally should bring their own laptop; however, it is also possible to use in-lab computers to work during the sessions.

Spring 2014 Sessions

1.   January 30th, 2014: Setting up a virtual learning environment; defining learning outcomes; developing rubrics for assessment.

2.  February 13th,  2014: Content development (emphasis on graphics and desktop publishing).

3.  February 27th,  2014: Content development (emphasis on audio and video).

4.  March 20th, 2014: Interaction (emphasis on asynchronous communication and tools).

5.  April 3rd, 2014: Interaction (emphasis on synchronous communication and tools).

6.  April 24th, 2014: Show and Tell — share your work with your fellow participants.


To register for the series, please visit:  clt design studio registration