CLT Informal Mentoring

Aloha Kākou,

The CLT has created a mechanism to facilitate informal, just-in-time mentoring on a volunteer basis to help College instructors make the transition to online teaching during the emergency. If you are able to help a colleague, please consider signing up to be a mentor ( If you would like to request help with a particular technology or figure out how to translate particular activities or assignments to the online mode, please sign up to be mentee using the following link:

The CLT will facilitate initial online communication between the mentor and mentee and will be available as a backup for any questions or issues that are more complex than originally anticipated. Mentors who help a colleague will be recognized with a CLT badge that can serve as evidence of their service. Badges indicate the extent of participation in this activity (number of mentees and estimated time).

We look forward to your participation. Please refer to the Q&A section below for more information.

As a reminder, the CLT continues its Virtual Office hours from 9am to 1pm all Spring Break. You are welcome to connect with Zoom at the link below if you have questions or simply to familiarize yourself with Zoom.
Meeting ID: 336-269-453

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have further questions at

Julio (on behalf of CLT Faculty and Staff)

Informal Mentoring Q&A

For mentors, how much time will this take?
You are in control. If it is only a simple task, maybe just a few minutes. If it’s more complicated, probably about one hour. If it takes longer than that, then the person should be referred to the CLT for additional help.

Are we expected to meet in person?

How many people will contact a mentor?
Only one person is assigned to a mentor at a time as default but mentors can increase that number.

What happens after I help?
You will get a quick feedback form and the option to help again or not.

How many people can I help?
As many as you wish. The badge will state the extent of your participation, including the number of colleagues and estimated time you spent on this.

Can graduate students be mentors?

Can graduate students request a mentor?
No. Sorry. Contact the CLT for help.