Daniel Tom

Program Coordinator
Moore Hall 256

Dan’s language teaching experience includes teaching first and second year Chinese in the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and at Hawaii Loa College (now Hawaii Pacific University).  He also taught Chinese and Chinese Culture at Morrison Academy, and English in the Foreign Language Department (Wai Wen Hsi) at Tunghai University, both in Taichung, Taiwan.  In addition he taught for the Summer Special English Programs of the New Intensive Courses in English (NICE) program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He has been the program coordinator of the Center since 1980 and has seen the Center go through four name changes and personally experienced and witnessed the evolution of foreign language teaching technology over almost four decades.  As a student he practiced listening and speaking Chinese in language labs using tape cartridges and reel-to-reel tapes while sitting in carrels or individual booths.  As a teacher of Chinese he led his students through listening and speaking exercises from the teacher’s console of a Clark & Smith language lab with the students recording the exercises on large green tape cartridges.  Later as the program coordinator of the labs he assisted language faculty in using the same technology.  He also scheduled the tape assignments of the various language courses taught at the university using a teletype computer terminal like the one he used at Dartmouth while learning to program in BASIC.  After a few years, cartridges were replaced by cassettes and then the labs were upgraded to at that time the state-of-the-art Tandberg system. Now in the 21st century the Tandberg system has been replaced by Macs and PCs and mobile devices.  The teletype computer terminal became the 8” floppy, then the 5.25” and the 3.5” diskette desktop computer and now we’re using laptops, tablets, eReaders, iPods, iPads and even iPhones and Android devices.  Instead of cassettes we have CDs, DVDs and USB drives.  From assisting faculty on how to use the portable tape recorder, he now shows them how to use an H2 digital recorder and from demonstrating how to record a video with a VHS camcorder to how to record with a FLIP camcorder.  From threading an 8 mm film through a projector for a reverse projection film showing, he now projects videos on DVDs on a home theater system.  Slide shows are now PowerPoint presentations. The former cassette labs have become computer labs or media rooms; the tape library an experimental classroom with wall-to-wall whiteboards and an eBeam.  In addition to physical spaces we now have online spaces.  Through all of these changes he continues to make sure the day to day operations of the Center run smoothly and coordinates all of the services and facilities the Center has available to assist both students and faculty in learning and teaching languages through the use of technology.

M.A., University of Hawaii, Chinese
M.A., University of Washington, Chinese History
A.B., Dartmouth College, cum laude, History with honors
Middlebury College Summer School of Chinese
Oberlin College Summer Chinese Program in Taiwan