designing, developing, and teaching online & hti courses


The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa defines online and hybrid courses in the following way:

Online courses provide instruction independent of time and location (asynchronously). Rather than meeting in a classroom, such courses are taught completely via the Internet.

Hybrid Technology Intensive (HTI) courses make intensive use of online and offline technologies to such an extent that the schedule of class meetings is altered (e.g., meet 3 hours a week for a 4-credit course).

Note: Even if online assignments or tools are used regularly, unless the schedule of class meetings is changed, the course is not considered to be an HTI.


Meeting the College of LLL requirement for online courses

Designing, developing, and teaching quality online courses requires specific knowledge and skills. In order to ensure that students in the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature (LLL) receive quality online instruction, the College of LLL requires that instructors comply with one of the options listed below if they (a) teach online at UH Mānoa for the first time, or (b) have not taught online in the last two years.

Option 1

  1. The faculty developer must submit a fully developed online course for review at least six weeks before the course is due to the Scheduler.
  2. A comprehensive review and feedback will be provided by the CLT using the Quality Guidelines adopted by the college (download the guidelines).
  3. After the review, CLT staff will assist with implementing changes or improvements recommended in the feedback. The recommendations will be shared with the faculty developer, the Department Chair, and the LLL Associate Dean.

Option 2

  1. The instructor scheduled to teach an online course will earn the Faculty Orientation to Online Learning badge representing basic knowledge and skillsets for online course design and teaching prior to teaching online for the first time. The Faculty Orientation to Online Learning badgecomprises a set of three badges, developed by the Center for Language & Technology (CLT) which can be earned through participation in the Faculty Orientation to Online Learning, a professional development series offered by the CLT, along with completion of related tasks.

Justification criteria for offering online/HTI courses

Online/HTI courses may be offered when they meet one or more of the following justification criteria:

  • High enrollment potential
  • Strong demand from students for an online course
  • Strong or emerging market demand
  • Course is part of a degree or certificate program being put entirely online
  • Course is part of a grant project

Request for developing an online/hybrid course

Instructors interested in developing and teaching an online or a hybrid course should fill out, print, sign, and submit this form to the Center for Language & Technology.

Request for an online/hybrid course review

Instructors interested in receiving feedback on their fully developed online or hybrid course may request the CLT to review their course by completing the Request a Review form on the Online Course Review System webpage.

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