tablet checkout policy


Tablets are Internet ready with WI-FI and are loaded with the following “standard” applications:

  • web browser
  • audio/video recorders
  • camera software
  • document readers (pdf, doc)

If you wish to use a specific application on the tablet please contact the LLC IT Specialist to see about installing the app on the tablets prior to check out.

Tablets can be used to access Laulima courses and materials using the installed web browser.

Keep in mind that the tablets are used by multiple users (students and faculty) during a day. Please be aware of the storage and sharing of private and sensitive information. Tablets will be erased and reset to their original configuration after they are checked in. Please consider using online storage to store any documents created on the tablets. For example, Dropbox and Google Drive (formerly called “Google Docs”) both have web pages that allow you upload files. Your Google@UH accounts (faculty and students) have Google Drive. Uploading to a Laulima course is also possible.

For class use

Faculty and staff may reserve equipment in person at the LLC office in Moore Hall 256 or by phone at 956-8047. Cancellations may be called in any time prior to the scheduled checkout time. Although reservations are not required, LLC recommends advance reservations to avoid delays or problems with equipment availability. Reservation will betake in a first come first serve basis.

The tablets can be borrowed individually or as a package for class use (number depending on availability). If all/most tablets are borrowed, the tablets will need to be transported in their special carry-on luggage between the classroom and the LLC.

For class projects

Faculty who wishes to use the tablets for a class project (not for personal use) will need to submit a proposal to the LLC for approval (Project proposal form). The proposals will be evaluated by the LLC and approved depending on availability and tablet use. Note: The faculty or staff member reserving the tablets assumes full financial responsibility for the equipment.

Any faculty who wishes to borrow tablets for individual use or for class projects is required to attend a 30 minute training session, either through one of the LLC workshops about tablets or individually with one of our LLC technicians.

Equipment Loan Policies

If reserved equipment is not picked up by the scheduled start time, the equipment will be available for other users to borrow and will be noted as a “No Show”. Equipment reservations can be canceled in person or by phone any time before the scheduled loan period.

Equipment, with all its component parts, is due as noted on the reservation. A “Late Return” will be noted in the database if the equipment is not returned on time or if any component parts are not returned with the equipment. Any combination of 3 “No Shows” and “Late Returns” logged into the system automatically locks out the client’s name and future reservations are not accepted. Special arrangements must be made to reinstate the client.

If any Applications are needed, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advanced. We will do our best to install them. If the application is not free of charge the center can discuss with faculty alternatives or appropriate arrangements.