Julio C Rodriguez

CLT Director
Moore Hall 256


Ph.D., Curriculum and Instructional Technology, Iowa State University. Dissertation advisers:  Ann Thompson and Carol Chapelle.

M.A., English (TESL/Applied Linguistics), Iowa State University.

B.A., German Language and Literature. Whitman College, Washington.

Graduate Degree in English-Spanish Translation and Interpretation, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.


My work is situated at the intersection of language learning and technology. Within this broad area, I am particularly interested in the integration of technology into teacher and faculty development programs, project-based learning, materials development, online course design, and design-based research. Those four areas of language learning and technology present enormous opportunities, quite possibly many more than one could even begin to explore in a lifetime. If you wish to know how I ended up where I am, click here.

Selected Publications

Rodríguez, J. C. & Pardo-Ballester, C., (2013) (Eds.). Design-based Research in CALL. CALICO Monograph Series, Volume 8. San Marcos, TX: CALICO.

Pardo-Ballester, C., & Rodríguez, J. C. (2013). Design Principles for Language Learning Activities in Synthetic Environments. In J. C. Rodríguez & C. Pardo-Ballester (Eds.), Design-based research in CALL (pp. 183-209). San Marcos, TX: CALICO.

Rodriguez, J. & Correia, A. (2012). Online Learning Opportunities and Challenges: The Case of Iowa State University. EDEN 2012 Annual Conference Proceedings. European Distance and E-Learning Network. June 6-9, Porto, Portugal.

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Pardo-Ballester, C., & Rodríguez, J. C. (2009). Using design-based research to guide the development of online instructional materials. In C. A. Chapelle, H. G. Jun, & I. Katz (Eds.), Developing and evaluating language learning materials (pp. 86‐102). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.

Selected Presentations

Bush, M., Hoven, D., Levi, M., Palalas, A., Pardo Ballester, C., Rodríguez, J., (2013). Design-Based Research in CALL. CALICO Conference, May 25, Honolulu, HI.

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