university of hawai‘i resources


  1. Laulima
    • Laulima is the course management and collaborative resources tool supported for enhanced/total online teaching and collobarative projects at the University of Hawaii.
  2. Center for Instructional Support (CIS)
    • The Center for Instructional Support exists to help UHM faculty members use instructional technology effectively in their teaching. It does so by providing a variety of services.
  3. ITS Telecom Conference Bridge
      • The Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge is a fully integrated, all-digital, audio conference bridge that allows between six (6) to twenty (20) people in different locations to communicate with each other. The unit is housed at our campus telephone switch and is designed to provide quick access to an in-house conference bridge, eliminating the need to contact conference service bureaus.
  4. Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
    • Maintaining an ongoing dialogue about good teaching is done through seminars, workshops, individual counseling, and course assessment activities with individuals, departments, and colleges and schools. CTE supports their improvement, development and enhancement of university teaching, and the highlighting and rewarding of excellent teaching is achieved through: the development of teaching effectiveness for faculty and teaching assistants through orientations, instructional development activities, evaluation of teaching performance, individual consultation on teaching practice and mentoring; the enhancement of teaching performance of mid-career and senior faculty by continuing education workshops and activities directed towards updates on new teaching and learning theory, technology, and pedagogy.
  5. Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG)
    • The Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) is an organized research unit in the College of Education at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.
  6. Digital Media Center (DMC)
    • The DMC was established in October 1996 to provide training and support to faculty and staff in the use of various digital/multimedia equipment and software. The Digital Media Center provides help in areas such as online learning (Laulima), webconferencing (Halawai – Adobe Connect), media conversion, DVD production, and video/audio digitizing and editing.
  7. Information Technology Services (ITS)
    • ITS provides services across the broad range of computing and communications technologies that support learning, teaching, research, public services and administration.
  8. National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC)
    • While dedicated to improving the learning and teaching of all languages, the NFLRC has particularly distinguished itself in its focus on the less commonly taught languages of Asia and the Pacific. Given Hawai‘i’s geographic location in the center of the Pacific and the rich expertise of the university’s College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, which offers courses in over 30 world languages and contains an internationally renowned Department of Second Language Studies, the NFLRC has contributed significantly to foreign language education in these areas.
  9. UHM Campus Map
    • UHM Campus Map
  10. UHM Campus Events Calendar
    • UHM Campus Events Calendar.
  11. UHM Wireless Networks
    • UHM Wireless Networks.
  12. UHM Scholor Space
    • ScholarSpace is an open-access, digital institutional repository for the University of Hawaii at Manoa community. ScholarSpace stores the intellectual works and unique collections of the UH at Manoa academic community and also provides a permanent web location for those accessing these resources. Click here for more information.
  13. UHM Library
    • The University of Hawai’i at Manoa Library is open to anyone who wishes to use its resources in the Hamilton Library and Sinclair Library buildings. Children 13 years of age and younger must be supervised by an adult. Certain resources are restricted to University students, faculty and staff. Limited borrowing privileges may be approved for visiting scholars.
  14. UH IRB eProtocol™ Page
    • The Human Studies Program, under the Office of Research Compliance, has launched UH’s first electronic IRB (Institutional Review Board) application submission system.
      Researchers planning to conduct human participant research will now be able to submit their applications for IRB review through eProtocol.
      The eProtocol system creates a centralized space for each user, allowing researchers to find everything they have submitted to or received from the IRB in one place. Additionally, it provides investigators reminders and alerts of upcoming expiration, and real-time status of each application submitted..