Session 1: Introduction to blended learning (Spring 2018)

During Session 1:

  • Introduction to blended learning:
    • What is blended learning
    • Key concepts and approaches
  • Introduction to Personal Learning Networks (PLN)
  • Introduction to Google Sites:
    • Create a Google Site.
    • Submit the URL to your Google Site here.
  • PLN task:
    1. In small groups (2-3), explore the tools in the PLN tool browser to determine which might be the best tool to respond to the needs of an instructor teaching SLS 650: Second Language Acquisition. In this course, there are many technical terms whose definitions the students need to master (much as students in foreign language courses need to master vocabulary). Consider the following: What will be the stages in the use of the tool? Who will be responsible for using the tool? How will students’ contributions or tool use be assessed?
    2. Share your ideas with the rest of the class.
    3. In your new Google Site, create a new page. On this page, write a short (100-200 words) reflection on the task you just completed (selecting an appropriate tool for SLS 650), including your thoughts on how you might use a similar tool(s) in your instructional context.

In preparation for Session 2 (homework):

  • Complete the VoiceThread activity (on the right)
  • Complete the PLN task (if you have not finished it in class)


VoiceThread Activity

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