Badge Criteria (Fall 2016)

Instructors who complete the CLT’s Faculty Orientation to Online Learning gain basic familiarity with theoretical and practical aspects of designing an online course, starting from either the adaptation of a traditional course or the creation of an entirely new one, as well as with the resources available to them at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. The series covers three basic skill areas–Content Development, Interaction, and Technology–and progresses through six face-to-face sessions supplemented with online content and interaction. Each of these sessions, scheduled every two weeks, provides guided, hands-on practice and consultation opportunities to develop a fully online course.SeriesV9.16.2015

Instructors who received a badge for the Orientation to Online Learning (above) in Fall 2016 successfully earned the three badges listed below.

The following is a list of specific tasks completed for each of the badges:

Content Development BadgeContV9.16.2015

Interaction BadgeIntV9.16.2015

Technology BadgeTechV9.16.2015

  • Create a Google Site and submit the URL to your site in the Participants’ List document
  • Take a screenshot of the homepage in your Laulima course, annotate it, and post it on your Google Site
  • Record a short video of yourself, upload it to your YouTube account, and embed your YouTube video in your Google Site
  • Perform all tasks listed in Manage Google Drive Apps, including posting a screenshot of your added app in your Google Site