Session 2 (Spring 2017)

In preparation for the second session:

  • Browse the Personal Learning Networks site.
  • In your own copy of the Google Doc you started during Session 1 (“[Your name] – Online Course Outline”), complete the sections “General Information,” “Course Goals and Learning Objectives,” and “Assessment” to the extent you can at this point. This document serves as a blueprint for your course, and you will be adding content to different sections of the document as we move through our sessions. As we move forward, the series staff will monitor your Google Site to look at your document as it evolves and to leave comments.
  • Request a Laulima Course: Open the form and
    1. Select “Development of future courses.”
    2. Enter a course title (do not leave blank).

*Resources: Laulima workshop by CTE on 2/13/2017

During the second session:

Creating a Personal Learning Network (PLN):

Using Creative Commons content:

Hands-on activities:

In preparation for our next session (homework for Session 3):

  • Review the Leeward CC English 100 Course (Google Site) using the Online Course Review System. To review the course, click here.