Badge Criteria

A Wiki Tech Talks Presenter badge certifies that the badge recipient has given a 10-minute presentation about a particular tool, website, or technology-based activity and contributed towards training his/her professional peers from the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature (LLL) at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

To receive the badge, a person should meet the following criteria:

  • be a graduate student or a faculty in the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature;
  • send his/her contact information and provide a topic with a one-sentence description of his/her presentation to the CLT by completing this registration form;
  • give a ten-minute presentation of a particular tool, website, or technology-based activity for teaching, learning, or assessment of languages or literature that would be of interest* for the faculty and graduate students in the College of LLL (PowerPoint slides are not required!);
  • engage the audience in a brief follow-up discussion (up to five minutes).

*Note: Please keep in mind that the tool, website, or activity that you choose to present should not be language-specific, although it can be presented in the context of a specific language. For example, showing an online dictionary for teaching Ukrainian 101 would most likely not be of interest for most of the attendees. However, your audience would be more interested in learning, for example, how you use Google Forms to create quizzes for your course, as this tool can be used for assessment across various languages.