Julio C Rodríguez

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My work is situated at the intersection of language learning and technology. Within this broad area, I am particularly interested in the integration of technology into language teacher and faculty development programs, project-based language learning, materials development, online course design, and design-based research. The intersection between those areas of language learning and technology present enormous opportunities, quite possibly many more than one could even begin to explore in a lifetime. View my profile for more information about how I ended up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


My interest in technology and language learning started back in the late 80’s, when I designed a study to understand how video could enhance language acquisition. A couple of years later, I found myself teaching English in a language institute that used a video-intensive approach to language learning. My continued interest in this area motivated me to pursue an M.A. in Applied Linguistics with an emphasis on computer-assisted language learning...

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I oversee projects in three associated centers: the Center for Language & Technology, the National Foreign Language Resource Center, and the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center. The CLT is my home department. CLT projects in the last few years have included a thorough revision of CLT policies and procedures, digitazation of resources, the creation of various electronic resources, and the remodel CLT spaces to make them more suitable to the current needs of the college. As technology strides on, centers like the CLT have undergone substantial transformations. In the particular case of the CLT, our emphasis has shifted to supporting faculty to better integrate technology in the specific academic areas of the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature. As the home of two national centers, the CLT also collaborates in numerous projects that impact language education beyond our institution.

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Intersections between language learning, teaching, and technology are at the center of my scholarly work, which encompasses invited and peer-reviewed publications, editorial work, presentations, workshops, as well as the development of resources for instructional use.

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