Welcome to CLT badges!

What is a badge?

A badge is a digital mark indicating a completion of a learning event that leads to the acquisition of a specific skill, quality, or knowledge. In a nutshell, digital badges are small images that contain validated and sharable information about the learning event completed by the badge owner and the acquired skills or knowledge. The badges offered by the Center for Language and Technology are created using Mozilla Open Badges. For more information about badges, please watch this video (2 min. 44 sec.).

How can I use a badge?

You can display the earned badges on your personal website, online profile, or in your electronic portfolio. Badges can be used as online credentials to demonstrate your status, represent your learning achievements, and provide a quick information about the skills and knowledge you have attained.

What types of badges does the CLT offer?

There are three main types of badges offered by the CLT:

  • Faculty Orientation to Online Learning Badges
  • Exploring Blended Learning Badge
  • Wiki Tech Talks Presenter Badge

Who can receive a badge?

The Center for Language and Technology (CLT) offers badges for the faculty and graduate students in the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature who (a) participate in the Faculty Orientation to Online Learning and complete the required activities, (b) participate in the Exploring Blended Learning series and complete the required activities, and/or (c) give a presentation at the Wiki Tech Talks. Check the following criteria for more information on how to receive a badge for each event: