A Closer Look at Interaction

This page contains a brief overview of five types of interaction that can occur in a hybrid/online course.

Interaction Rubric

This rubric, developed by Roblyer and Ekhaml, can be very helpful to plan interaction for online courses.

Interaction Blueprint

An aid for mapping out how you will facilitate the five types of interaction (Learner-Content, Learner-Instructor, Learner-Learner, Learner-Self, and Learner-Community of Practice) in your planned online course.

Interaction: Types of Activities

A summary of chapter 4: Activities that Create a Sense of Presence in Your Online Course, in Rosemary M. Lehman and Simone C.O. Conceição. (2010). Creating a Sense of Presence in Online Teaching. CA: Jossey-Bass.

Requesting a Hālāwai Meeting

Use the link above to access the request page. Hālāwai sessions need to be scheduled. Make sure to schedule the start of the session at least 10 minutes before the actual time so that participants can access the environment a few minutes before the session starts.

Discussion Tools Comparison

Laulima has 3 discussion tools. This presentation summarizes the differences.


The attachments at the bottom of this page contain template messages to students. We recommend you send the first message about a week before the course starts, and the second message the Friday before classes start. Feel free to download, adapt and reuse these templates.

Videoconferencing Tools