National French Contest 2014

Le Grand Concours 2014

The first Saturday of March has traditionally been the date for the annual French National Contest held by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF).  For decades the Center for Language & Technology has supported secondary school French teachers in Hawaii by helping them administer the contest.  On March 1, 2014, over 150 middle and high school students from public and private schools on Oahu participated in the contest at six different Levels (Levels 01-5) held in Moore Hall classrooms and CLT media rooms.  Merle Kawabata of the LLEA department reserved the classrooms and Dan Tom of CLT served as the neutral recipient of the test materials, prepared the test packets for the proctors and made the room assignments for each level.  He also assisted the French teachers in administering the listening portion of the exam on exam day.  Pictured in the photo with the test packets are the public and private school and university French teachers who proctored the exam.  An awards banquet will be held in May at the Hale Koa Hotel to recognize public and private school and national winners for each level.