online teaching resources

  1. WebCAPE Testing
    • WebCAPE Spanish Language Placement Testing
  2. (Skype alternative)
    • Users can join video calls via a meeting code or web link, or can dial into the video call.
    • Record mtgs to Google drive.
    • Mobile app users can join a video call through the Meet app.
  3. Personal Learning Network Tool Browser (PLN)
  4. Kahoot!
    • Kahoot! is a user-friendly tool for designing in-class questionnaires and quizzes. A user designs a quiz, survey, or questionnaire to test the knowledge of his or her audience. Audience members can answer questions using a variety of devices. The quizzes and questionnaires, referred to as “Kahoots,” are designed to promote a game-like atmosphere in the learning environment.
  5. duolingo
    • Duolingo is a language-learning app and website that features comprehensive guides for nine of the most commonly taught languages in the U.S., including Spanish, French, and German.
  6. Pleco
    • Pleco gives you the freedom to engage with the Chinese language in a variety of ways. It serves as a digital dictionary that helps with vocabulary and also enables you to look up characters from texts, images, and even handwriting.
  7. SpanishDict
    • SpanishDict is a Spanish translation tool with a built-in community of Spanish language learners.
  8. Copyright and Fair Use @UH Manoa
    • This guide is provided as a resource for the the faculty, staff and students of the University of Hawaii to provide basic introduction to Copyright and Fair Use and to provide guidelines for requesting and understanding streaming media at the University of Hawaii Libraries.
  9. Sinclair Library Media/Streaming Reserves Info
    • Streaming for Distance Learning is a service that Sinclair Library provides to professors who need to show a film for their students to watch on their own as part of a required course activity. After the videos requested by the professor are digitized, an access link is sent out to the professor who can then share it with their students. The students then can individually watch the film outside of class on any device with an internet connection and QuickTime Player. A valid UH username and password are required in order for students to gain access to the films.
  10. UH Manoa Resources
    • UHM links
  11. Berkeley Language Center Library of Foreign Language Film Clips
  12. Film and Video Resources at UH Mānoa
  13. News
    • Center for Language & Technology (formerly Language Learning Center) Newsletter Archives pre 2012