instructional support

The CLT offers the following instructional support services to the faculty in the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature:

  • Organize and conduct professional development events to inform faculty about new instructional technologies and provide opportunities to develop new skills and expertise
  • Offer projects that support and promote best practices in the area of technology-enhanced instruction
  • Advise faculty in the design and development of hybrid and online courses
  • Provide consultations on designing and creating technology-enhanced instructional materials and resources
  • Recommend new technologies and resources that support and promote effective and innovative teaching, learning, and assessment practices
  • Consult with faculty about the integration of technology in research projects
  • Review hybrid and online courses and provide recommendations for their improvement
  • Observe face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses and provide instructors feedback on classroom technology and pedagogy.

For assistance, please contact:

Stephen Tschudi
Specialist in Technology for
Language Education
Moore Hall 259

Richard Medina
Assistant Faculty Specialist in Human-Computer Interaction
Moore Hall 259

Naiyi Xie Fincham
Assistant Faculty Specialist in Instructional Design
Moore Hall 259