audio & video support services


CLT services prioritize projects that focus on language and technology but are available to faculty and teaching graduate assistants of the College of Arts, Languages & Letters (CALL). Government, non-profit and private entities requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Use of External Vendors

Some projects may require purchases from off-campus vendors. All purchases are the client’s responsibility. We can help assemble specifications, make vendor recommendations and communicate with vendors.

Payment Method

Cash, cashier’s check, electronic payment (TBA) or PO.

All requests require a CLT consultation.  Please email or call 808.956-8047 to schedule an appointment.

Disclaimer: CLT will not duplicate copyrighted material without a signed release by the copyright holder.


Consultation on audio production projects.

  • Live audio recording/editing
  • Format conversions
  • Duplication services

One Button Studio

The One-Button Studio (OBS) is a simplified video recording system designed to be easy to use without any prior knowledge of video production.

Robert Wong
Robert Wong 

Electronics & Audio Technician
Moore Hall 256

Songmin Kim

IT Specialist
Moore Hall 161